The HNR Group is the corporate body behind Honour, Skin Two and others. The group is always looking for expansion, diversification and investment opportunities as well as core talent for the development of brands. The HNR Group is always excited to engage with the press across its brands.

The HNR Group is founded on the Honour brand. Honour provides a range of adult related products to a worldwide audience. Founded in 1988, Honour began in its central London shop. Since then it has expanded to another location and brought its reputation for excellent customer service online.

With in house design and manufacturing capacities, Honour produces collections of latex, pvc, wetlook, corsetry, lingerie and more. The brand has recently expanded into bondage, sex toy and other kink related ranges.

HNR has completed vertical integration across- retail, distribution and manufacturing

The HNR group consists of a range of other brands. Skin Two was founded in 1984 and acquired by HNR in 2012. Skin Two has a rich history as one of the worlds largest fetish clubs and was associated with a counter culture movement. The brand now boasts exclusive fetish wear collections. HNR has recently launched new brands such as HNRX, Bound to Excite and Suku Toys.