HNR Brand - Honour


The Honour Brand is the flagship HNR brand. It began in 1988 and continues to be a growing success. Honour is a lifestyle brand focused around providing the highest quality service, products and story for an alternative market. It’s proud to be accessible and provide on demand intimate related products. The Honour brand continues to grow around the world with a large online and physical retail presence.

HNR Brand - Skin Two

Skin Two

Skin Two made a significant contribution to the fetish community. Established in 1984 it is a prominent name within the alternative scene. Skin Two Clubs hosted regular fetish club nights that attracted some of the largest audiences any club in the world has seen. The Skin Two Magazine became a prominent lifestyle magazine and grew from strength to strength. Finally Skin Two Clothing has grown from strength to strength.

HNR Brand - Bound To Excite

Bound to Excite

Bound to Excite is an accessible bondage brand. The range is designed with comfort, ease and enjoyability in mind. Hosting a range of interesting restraints, Bound to Excite gives its customers an opportunity to explore.

HNR Brand - HNRX


HNRX was launched in 2017. It is an extreme suppression restraint system. The brand features quality materials such as rubber and stainless steel. Developed for an experienced BDSM audience. The range was developed as a modular system so that you can add and remove items as necessary. It is fully flexible and adaptable which avoids having loads of random restraints laying around.

HNR Brand - Killer Corsets

Killer Corsets

Inspired from victorian corsetry concepts and styles. Killer Corsets was designed to redefine the modern corset. The Killer Corset range provides only the highest quality structured corsets at an accessible price. The range was handcrafted after extensive market research into the craftsmanship behind corsetry.

HNR Brand - SOKU

Soku Toys

Soku Toys focuses on providing a range of weird and wonderful sex toys. The designs are inspired by minimalist concepts that provide forms of new sexual pleasure. Soku Toys are high quality, intriguing but friendly and simple to use. From vibrators, cock rings, anal massagers and more. The brand aims to redefine what we expect from a sex toy.
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The HNR Group maintains a portfolio of successful brands and continues to launch new relevant brands. The group aims to provide the highest quality products at an affordable price. Each brand is actively maintained, ensuring that new products are launched in line with needs, trends and desires.